Ever been curious as to what people really think about their job? Jesse Kraus is, so he started a podcast designed to hear about careers ranging across a wide spectrum. In the Careers Over Beers Podcast Jesse invited guests on to discuss their careers in a light-hearted way while enjoying a beer.

Jesse started this simply to learn more about different industries and careers. But you see he was curious about the real perspective and the experiences that are left off of google reviews and job descriptions. He is not looking to “out” anyone, simply wants to have a little fun learning the unfiltered perspectives of careers occupations, and industries from people who know the jobs best.

Jess hopes these conversations are enjoyable and insightful and who knows maybe spark interest in a new opportunity for listeners. check out the Careers Over Beers Podcast available on any streaming platform. Also, find more on Careers Over Beers on Instagram and Facebook.