We had the chance to meet sisters and Co Owners of Danielle Rose and Co, Jessica and Jennifer and I was so excited to hear their story. What started as a hobby that the duo would spend hours on has grown into quiet the unique ability to refresh furniture and give new life to vintage and antique items.

Jessica and Jennifer almost decided to call it quits but luckily for the community of Garden Plain and now our #GDK viewers they took their talents and passion for refreshing and building furniture and opened a beautiful store full of refreshed furniture, refurbished home items and other custom pieces of work. Danielle Rose and Co is a beautiful space full of their work and the duo also welcomed in local artisans to showcase their work as well. This is a hidden gem on Main street of Garden Plain, and a must see! Add it to your bucket list and make the trip! You can also visit them on Facebook @DanielleRoseandCo