I had the best time hanging out with Lisa Voss, the owner of Voss Creative out in Cheney, Kansas! Lisa was such a pleasure to spend time with and told me so much about how much art means to her, and how happy she is to be working with people on their art. I joined Lisa to work on a barn quilt, something that has quickly become a very popular DIY project! Lisa offers a variety of classes and barn quilts are her most popular one, so naturally, that’s what I wanted to preview! Thankfully, Lisa spent a lot of time getting us to the point we were in the segment so that we could finish it off together!

Lisa showed me how to use tape as an effective way to make sure that you are staying within your lines so your finished products looks neat! We then got creative and used a makeup sponge to paint within our lines. Lisa said that the sponge gives the artist the ability to have a better coat of paint and one that is more even. I think we did a great job on the project and you’ll have to watch the segment to see the final product!

If you want to learn any more information about Voss Creative or any of the fun classes that Lisa offers, you can visit her website at: https://vosscreative.com