As August slips away the team at K Lanes Boutique is preparing for fall and that means all the amazing fall fashions. One line has been a favorite across all seasons but thrives in the fall due to the details, materials, and versatility of fit, and that line is the Myra Bag.

If you are looking for high-quality fabrics with unexpected pops of colors, designs, and maybe even some fringe, the Myra Bags this fall will be something you want to check out. From the quilted patterns,m the leather, fringe, and pops of color these bags are all eye-catching. They come in many sizes and also boast the versatility to be worn as cross bodybags, or the traditional one-shoulder purse.

Stop in to see Diana and the team at K Lanes Boutique to feel the quality of the Myra Bags this fall, you won’t be disappointed. Shop online with K Lanes Boutique at and follow them on social media for fantastic fashion inspiration.