Renaire Palmer has been a titan in the fitness industry across the Wichita Metro areas for many years. His fun, family-focused yet individualized approach to fitness has been very well received by community members of all ages. Known for helping prepare some of Wichita’s top athletes to take their game to the next level the list of success stories is long. Renaire is the Owner and Head Personal Trainer at Fundamental Fitness and just recently expanded and relocated to a beautiful new space in Downtown Wichita.

The new space boasts a large training area for small groups, large groups, and everything in between. Although many of the members at Fundamental Fitness are college and even professional hopefuls, there are plenty who are training to maintain a level of health, looking to lose a little bit of extra weight, or trying to maintain mobility as they age. Reniare has a unique ability to truly meet every client where they are and help them meet their individual goals.

The new facility has a kitchen area and there are meal prep options if you are interested. There are small training classrooms for one on one sessions is desired and there is a great welcoming environment for all ages and abilities. check out fundamental fitness on their website. Stop in to enjoy a free class, Renaire Good Day Kansas sent ya!