Rachel Burgess, Owner and Trainer of Allegro Equestrian now her stuff. She has been riding and training for over 15 years and her experience with equine training and competitive riding has taken her across the world. She is compassionate and cares for the horses and riders, but is competitive and has a deep desire to build equestrian athletes through physical and mental skill development so they can achieve their goals. Rachel offers training to anyone from novice to experienced riders and starts as young as the age of three years old.

Allegro Equestrian offers one on training, summer camps, birthday parties and more. If you are looking specifically for English riding skills Rachel is the trainer for you. She specializes in hunter-jumper riding but is also welcoming to anyone looking to learn the sport. She cares deeply about preparing the next generation of riders and is happy to help anyone interested. Reach out to Rachel on Allegro Equestrian Facebook Page for more info.