I began seeing beautiful photos of flowers popping all over social media and I knew I had to take a visit to see Bramble’s Edge Farm in person. Sure it is a farm; they have chickens and harvest produce of many varieties, but what the name and specially term “farm” leaves out (in my opinion) is the incredible beauty of the Zinnia Flower field!

I had never been to a field of flowers that were so captivating and welcoming. The vibrant colors and the rows and rows of blooms were so beautiful to walk through. Bramble’s Edge Farm is owned and operated by Robert Mulheran and Debbie Evert and they do a wonderful job of creating a magical oasis in Rosehill.

They grow traditional market produce, their chicken coup is full of some fun characters! The beauty is wonderful but the experience you have walking around the farm is one-of-a-kind. You are able to pick you own herbs, mint and even flowers! I picked my own beautiful bouquet and put it in one of the vases from the market right next to the field. The free-range chickens eggs, and handmade goods, honey and other local products are all available in the market.

Bramble’s Edge Farm is a bucket list stop for sure. Visit their Facebook Page to learn how and when to plan a trip!