Founder and Owner of Wichita’s first refill shop Maddie Brown took some time to chat with us today and share her passion for her unique business called Grate Fill. We stopped in to her Bradley Fair location which is actually her second store front. Her flagship store is nestled nicely in to the Douglas Design District and has created quite the stir around Downtown Wichita.

When I first heard of Grate Fill, the all natural eco friendly refill shop, I was mistaken and thought the name was Grateful. Maddie shared with me Grate Fill is actually a play off the word Grateful. When you meet Maddie her calming aura almost gives you a hug. Her smile comforts you and makes you feel at home. Then she speaks and shares her heart without a single effort. Maddie is special; she is warm, intelligent and a fierce leader, almost without even knowing so.

Maddie experienced some health complications and decided to change some of her daily habits to live in a more eco friendly way. She “geeked out and researched” a lot of alternatives to everyday products she used and soon dove head first into the world of non toxic, all natural, waste free living. What impresses me most about Maddie is that she makes these choices for her own life and her family’s as well, but has opened two store fronts where she is providing this healthy service and lifestyle for her community. Inside of her Bradley Fair location she also champions other local businesses that follow the model of waste free, non toxic all natural products by providing them a space to share their goods with our community.

As seen on the Grate Fill Facebook Page, the mission of Grate Fill is “We exist to provide all natural, eco-friendly products for the health of our bodies, our homes, and our planet. We are deeply passionate about eliminating single-use plastic and toxic chemicals from our daily life.”  Maddie and the Grate Fill team is passionate about providing this healthy way of life for our community. We are lucky to have her! Please visit Grate Fill on Facebook or Instagram for more information.