Grow Giesen Plant Shop might be one of the best success stories in Central Kansas. We first introduced Heather Gisen to our viewers in 2019 when we shared her Giesen Plant Shop in Pratt. While we loved the fresh idea and unique inventory she provided Heather assured us there was more to come.

We have followed Heather and the growth of GROW her Wichita plant shop that first opened in the incubator space Jenelle King created inside her locally focused shop, The Workroom. GROW was a popular shop during the pandemic and quickly outgrew its first space.

We are thrilled to celebrate Heather and her new home for GROW Giesen Plant Shop and the incredible new concept she has brought to downtown Wichita. The new space is easily three times larger than before and is home to unique new elements. There is an elevated version of GROW, the plant boutique, there is Botanic a full-on bar serving up plant-inspired cocktails, there is a DIY bar where you can build your own succulents, and terrariums, and get create your own take-home projects, there is also a venue space that will soon be rentable.

Watching the growth of a small business that evolved with the support of the community has been inspiring. Stop by GROW Giesen Plant Shop and enjoy the fresh fun vibes while sipping a planty cocktail and supporting local.