We spent time with one of our favorites partners, Children’s Mercy Wichita today. I had the chance to speak with Jewel Akpan, Nurse and Co-Manager at Children’s Mercy Wichita. We spoke about a unique condition called Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome can be easily explained as partial or complete division of the X chromosome. This happens in about 1 out of every 2000 live births. This condition can be diagnosed as early as in the pre-birth stages. Certain symptoms or signs specific to Turner Syndrome are short stature, low set ears,  frequency of ear infections and a wide, web like neck or lower jaw line. Children’s’ Mercy has a unique Turner Syndrome Clinic to care for children with this condition. It is a one day clinic,  open three times a year. During that time comprehensive care is provided for young ladies with Turner Syndrome. Each children can receive blood work, diagnostic testing and all other testing/medical attention that is needed without traveling to other locations. This unique condition can be hard to live with, so the clinic also provides a healthy environment for young ladies to develop socially and feel good about themselves. Children’s Mercy hosts Pink Parties that help with the young ladies and their families as well to meet other families going through the same challenges. For more information on Children’s Mercy please visit www.childrensmercy.org/wichita