JB Madison is a story of family. A family of creativity and talent spanning through generations of artists, designers, and craftsmen. If asked, they would all humbly deny their talent and that is just one thing that makes them so special. Together The Madison family has individually created award-winning fine art, engineered patented products, and designed award-winning architectural environments.

Jeff Madison first started JB Madison Co. as a sculpture studio in 1986. Growing up, Jeff was heavily influenced by his father, G. Benjamin Madison’s, artistic talents. He watched his dad create art and engineer several patented products from his home studio. This is where his interest in building and designing started.

Fast forward 30 years, add three kids to the mix, and Jeff and Barbara have continued to leap together.

The JB Madison Co. has learned to pivot throughout the years by designing and building by hand, individual custom furniture pieces, as well as large-scale products for commercial clients.

But the story doesn’t stop there. All three of JB Madison’s children (Sydney, Ben, and Jacob) remain connected to home in Kansas and are inspired by the artistry of the Madison family. Shop JB Madison on their website or see them at the Old Town Farm and Art Market.