The Andover tornado devasted the community, leaving many Andover residents at a total loss. Countless homes, buildings, and vehicles were damaged to no return. The dark times experienced in devastation are hard to endure, however, sometimes they are followed by a glimmer of pe which can gro into a bright light.

There have been many community groups and businesses, even families doing their part to support the community of Andover, the schools, the public parks, buildings, and most importantly the people who have been impacted by the tornado. Today we wanted to highlight Kendra Scott at The Waterfront for hosting a 5-day fundraiser where community members can stop in and shop knowing that 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the United Way of the Plains, Andover YMCA, and Praire Creek Elementary.

For more information reach out to Kendra Scott at The Waterfront and stop by and see them, they are located at 13th and Webb Rd in Wichita.