The Hugoton High School Show Choir has displayed dedication and passion for its craft in many ways. Over the past few years, their work ethic and willingness to prepare has been tested due to unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic and most recently the April 29th Tornado. Although their steadfast passion for performing has been wildly impressive their love for each other and their team takes the cake.

Hearing from the students about the time and effort put into learning and perfecting routines and performances you can feel their love for the show choir. The time they spend traveling to compete and represent their school and community displays great pride for being ambassadors for the school and community. The comradery and genuine family approach to everything is admirable.

The Hugoton High School Show Choir is led by a loving talented director who pours her heart and soul into the students. Renee Beesley is passionate about creating an opportunity for the students to thrive. She shared her joy in watching music impact their lives and is proud to continue to watch them grow.

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