Looking for some fun ways to keep the kiddos engaged and ignite their imagination? Meet Brittany Kruger, Owner and Maker at Kid Simply Crafts. A mother of two and former teacher she is all about making life simple for kids. Brittany has a creative outlook on ways to keep her active boys engaged in learning activities while still encouraging them to be creative and get this…organized!

She is a wonder woman! She has created carrying cases for crayons, matchbox cars, books, coloring books – you name it she can help a child keep it together all while sporting fun kid friendly prints and functional cases. The cases and crayon roll ups she has created can be used for play or organization and they all come in brightly colored prints kids love. I was so impressed with the bags that carry coloring books and have a space for each crayon. Brittany has done the hard work for you and has created functional items for you and the kids. Check out her whole line at Kid Simply Crafts on Facebook.