Meet Juliana Cavendar, the workhorse, and mastermind behind four incredibly successful businesses providing goods and services and unique uplifting vibes to the community. Juliana started with Clifton Collective in Clifton Square. Clifton Collective is a collective of Midwest Makers boasting a passion for all things local to Wichita and the midwest. Next, Juliana opened Everday Beaut, a salon and shop full of estheticians specializing in lash extensions, lash lifts, skincare, and making their customers feel effortlessly beautiful from the inside out.

Juliana then expanded her Everday Beaut + Clifton Collective concept to Kansas City and has been welcomed with open arms to the new market. She continues to provide the Everday Beaut + Cliffton Collective vibes special to the Clifton Square Collective in Kansas City where she and her team act as ambassadors for Wichita, effortlessly spreading their cool girl, collaborative vibes.

Juliana’s latest adventure was influenced by her two daughters, both under two years old. She recently opened Mini Co, a collective of apparel, accessories, giftable items, and everyday items for kids and babies. Mini Co shares the love for local goods, vibey aesthetics, and creative touch but caters to the minis in your life. Juliana recently open Mino Co in the incubator space inside The Workroom on Cleveland Corner. Swing by for all your baby needs including adorable Mom & Mini matching looks, Tiny Tailgater looks, and more! Visit Mini Co on Facebook and Instagram for a preview.