The heat has been extreme this summer so the team at Stutzman’s Greenhouse and Garden Center wants to make sure you have some information on best practices to beat the heat and keep your lawn looking green. Jason joined us to share about over-seeding. This year with the heat and dry days overseeding is a must. Jason walked through some tips and techniques to ensure homeowners are being as proactive as possible to keep their lawns from dying or turning brown.

Jason also shared the importance of watering, but not overwatering. Sure, with the dry Kansas weather, we needed to water a bit more, but Jason stressed not watering too frequently. There are many solid products created to treat grass and lawns in Kansas based on their ingredients. Jason recommends the 5 Star brand due to the relevance and success the ingredients have in growing plants grass and trees in Kansas.

For more information reach out to Jason directly by sending him an email YOu can also learn more on the Stutzman’s Facebook Page.