This week’s #MuralMonday celebrate our great state of Kansas and is conveniently located at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson. With the state fair kicking off this week we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate this beautiful work of work representing our state and done by a local artist.

The To The Stars mural was done by Brady Scott, a local artist that has left his mark on numerous towns across the state. His use of bold colors and eye-catching designs is known locally and regionally. This beautiful mural features sunflowers and also includes a nod to metro Hutch on one side. On the other a nod to farm and ag life.

Travel KS, Kansas Travel and Tourism commissioned Brady to create his beauty and shared the following info about it:

In Kansas, you will see stars and not just the kind that line a boulevard. It’s not our nature to celebrate ourselves. We celebrate real luminaries. Those that light up our night sky and those who brighten our landscapes.

In Kansas, we love fast cars and slow-cooked brisket. We touch the sky but stay grounded in the things that matter most. We live out loud and embrace the solace of silence. We conquer rocks and celebrate on the rocks. We ride like the wind and live for the water.

The Kansas experience is a salute to the real. To the rowdy. To the wide-eyed wanderers. To the dreamers.

To The Stars.” 

To see more of Brady Scott’s work find him on Instagram: @bradycreative