In observation of #NationalBeerDay we sat down with a local beer connoisseur, Nathan Christner. By day he is a mild-mannered educator sharing his knowledge of technology, production, and journalism with his high school students at Wichita Southeast High School; by night he is an expert of all things beer.

For many years Nathan has enjoyed taste testing beers from all over the world. Ironically his first beer was at a McDonald’s in Paris, since then his quest to try beer in every state in the country has taken him to 47 of the 50 states across the country. Nathan is strategic with his brewery visits always opting for the flight and ensuring he consumes just enough to get the full flavor, never more or he will fill up! Nathan makes the most out of every road trip he and his family take oftentimes planning the trips around breweries he wants to try.

His unique collection of bottles and stickers are memories of trips that have turned into home decor. Nathan’s wife enjoys his hobby and supports the trips because she too enjoys beer, but she does keep the memorabilia display at home to a minimum.

Nathan was a great addition to the show today and shared a fun message to support local breweries across the state of Kansas.