The heat has been extreme this summer and is one of the reminders of why I love Kansas weather! This summer I have loved maxi dresses and now that fall is around the corner I am yearning for boots, hats, jeans, and muted colors. I’m ready for fall fashion but before we get there we have the transitional phase.

Jenna with Nouveau at Bradley Fair shared so beautiful transitional pieces as we are ll itching for fall fashion …and fall weather to come upon us. She shared that the fabrics are essential when you are wanting to look great and feel comfortable even with changing temps. She highlighted lightweight sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, and muted colors of prints as some staples to use as we all make this seasonal transition.

before the end of the month shop the end-of-summer sale with Bouvea at Bradley Fair! There are some great steals in store, including accessories! Visit Nouveau at Bradley Fair on Facebook for more information!