At the mere age of 16 years old Vitor Geromel has signed a contract to play on the Sporting Wichita First Team in the UPSL. To many, this is a huge deal and would be screamed from the rooftops. In fact, the excitement from his family, club, and the community even landed a photo of Vitor and the news on a large billboard easily seen off a busy highway in Wichita. There is a loyal army that rightfully celebrates Vitor. And although he appreciates his experiences and his journey thus far, if you ask him it is all part of the plan.

He stands 6 ft 3 in tall with the focus of a veteran although he is in his rookie season as a player on a semi-professional team. This is just one of Vitor’s superpowers; he is an old soul, mature and wise in his passion for the game. He moves faster than lightning and can crush a ball with the power of a fierce Kansas thunderstorm; the physicality of the game is certainly one of his strengths. The many others stem from his heart. He is a humble, hard-working player with the desire to do whatever it takes to improve.

Vitor faces every training session as an opportunity to get better. He puts in hours of work on the ball, in the gym, and on the field. He is a focused and passionate athlete sharpening his tools and perfecting his craft while knowing there is always more work to do. He has caught the attention of coaches at large successful programs and visited campuses like Clemson and Duke. He is hopeful for a collegiate career and professional career and confident that with training and the desire to improve he will achieve both.

Geromel is a phenomenal player and certainly one to watch as he continues to lead the Maize South Boys Soccer team to another successful season and contributes regularly to the Sporting Wichita First Team playing in UPSL. At the end of the day though, Vitor Geromel is a remarkable young man. He thrives in the classroom carrying over a 4.0 GPA while balancing school soccer, club soccer, college visits, and semi-pro soccer, all while continuing to be a great role model for his younger sister and future soccer star, Giselle.

As Vitor will tell you this is all part of the plan. Keep an eye for this one, his career is just getting started. Find the Sporting Wichita First Team schedule on their website: