Meet Michael Church, Wichita Heights Athletic Director, and Cancer Survivor. Late January, Michael had a brain tumor surgically removed, and learned the reality of the average life span of someone with his cancer is about 18 months.

After the initial punch to the gut, he prayed for strength and placed his faith in the man above. He knew he would have plenty of work to do, but also felt confidence knowing “God’sgot him” Michael changed his diet became much more active, and knew he was in for the fight of his life. Through treatments and countless doctor appointments, he remained joyful and hopeful. His mentality remains: “Win The Day”

He wakes up every day with the mission to win the day. Sometimes that meant suffering through a treatment, sometimes that meant at school working with athletes and sometimes it just meant staying positive. Micahel just returned from his last cancer scan the first week of May and was elated to share the news that he is cancer-free.

Micheal’s story continues to evolve and inspire everyone who learns about it. His joy and faith in God is refreshing and provides hope for many. You can attend the Wichita Connection Concert to hear Micheal speak and share his journey and mission to provide hope for others and inspire all to “Win The Day”

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