This week’s #OrrCares segment is special. It is highlighting a multitiered non profit that provides support, stability, love and most importantly education that will change children’s lives.

TOP Early Learning Centers are located across the Wichita Metro area and aim to reach children in need and prepare them for a life full of learning and opportunity. TOP schools support working families by offering full-day learning opportunities to preschool-age children.

TOP stands for “The Opportunity Project.” TOP schools provide a variety of fun learning activities and programs, giving children the motivation and intellectual tools needed for emotional, academic, and lifelong success. TOP provides high-quality child care and preschool to children ages one to five. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

Executive Director Cornelia Stevens invited us in to share the amazing success TOP has had in educating local youth and supporting so many families. Please visit TOP Early Learning Center website for more information.

Another thank you to Orr Nissan for supporting the #OrrCares segment that benefit and support local non profits.