We had the chance to stop in Pratt during the #KSNSummerRoadTrip and spent time with President of Pratt Community College, Dr. Mike Calvert. We had a great time learning about new courses of study and even new programs coming this academic school year to assist students across the state to pursue their education at Pratt Community College.

Dr. Calvert also spent time sharing about the beautiful new facility in Pratt for not only their student athletes but also the community members to enjoy. The state of the art turf soccer field is also lined for football and is the gorgeous new home for Pratt Soccer. Around the turf field is a high quality brand track equipped for the Pratt Track and Field program to call it home for many seasons to come. Dr Calvert mentioned on numerous occasions this is truly a community project and the facility will be used in many ways outside of just Pratt Athletics.

If you are interested in learning more about Pratt Community College visit their website or Facebook Page.