Riverfest 2022 is here and started with an amazing weekend full of fun! The parade Friday night united the community in celebration of what life is like in Wichita, living right off the Arkansas River!

In 2019, the last edition of Riverfest in its full form was attended by over 440, 000 people and provided a $30 million economic impact on the local economy. Riverfest kicked off with a headliner in the Saturday evening concert when over 50,000 people piled in to hear Willie Nelson perform.

All week long the food courts will be open for lunch hours featuring festival food. Buttons are able to be purchased at any local Quick Trip and will grant you access for the entire week. While you are roaming look for the Evergy Cue and snap a photo! When you scan the OR code on the cube to submit your photo you will be entered to win gift cards to local small businesses.

Learn more about Riverfest by visiting the official website, here.