We made the trip to Clay Center and stopped in to 15 24 Brewhouse to learn about their brews, food, and great people. On any given day you can walk into 15 24 Brewhouse and sample one of 12 beers on tap, all brewed in-house. They have about 20 that they are known for and also enjoy tossing it up and bringing in different seasonal beers, as well.

The eclectic and popular beer selection is not the only reason why 15 24 Brewhouse is such a beloved location by the community, their food is amazing as well. They are known for their pizza, steaks, and really just the variety of tasty options on the large menu.

We had a great time touring the old building they have restored and even got a chance to meet their team – everyone was so welcoming and loved working at the brewhouse. Swing by if you can, you won’t regret it. Just hop on K15 or K 24, the roads that lead you to Clay Center.

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