If you have traveled through the Louisburg/Paola area chances are you have heard of the Louisburg Cider Mill. If you have not – add it to your bucket list! The Louisburg Cider Mill has grown beyond just the manufacture of apple cider and donuts, where it all began. The Cider Mill evolved into a family destination during the fall months. Louisburg Cider Mill continues its popular tradition of hosting the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Cider Mill Century Bicycle Tour, Cider Mill Swap Meets, Ciderfest, corn maze and pumpkin patch, and many more events and activities that align with the mission of the business.

Now in the third generation of leadership, the Louisburg Cider Mill team is eager to continue the traditions that were developed over the past 40 years and is excited for the opportunity to continue the work that has become near and dear to so many. The mission of the team at Louisburg Cider Mill is to create wholesome products and experiences that unite families and add richness to life. It is our sincere hope that we have the opportunity to fulfill our mission with you and your extended family.