Pamela Kyle, Owner of Norwich Fresh Market came to Norwich after retiring with the desire to be near family. When she and her husband moved to Norwich the community was a food desert, meaning the community didn’t have adequate access to fresh meat or produce. Pamela wanted to change that.

She purchased the space where Eagle Grocery used to be and she got to work. She renovated and invested in building a beautiful, welcoming market for her community to access fresh produce, locally grown meat, and other local goods. She poured boatloads of sweat equity into beautifying the space and the people in Norwich are so grateful.

Even from the exterior, Norwich Fresh Market has enhanced the community. Pamela and the staff take pride in how the market looks and how people feel while shopping with them. When you enter you are greeted with free coffee and kiddos are gifted fresh fruit. You can find every from fresh produce, quality meats, and fresh dairy to delicious locally baked goods as well as canned, frozen, and prepared foods. There is also a full range of household, healthcare, and personal care items.

If you are near Norwich or just have time for a little road trip swing by Norwich Fresh Market, shop local, and thank Pamela for being an impactful community leader. you can also learn about fresh produce available on a daily basis by following Norwich Fresh Market on Facebook.