The Sweet Granada is in the heart of Emporia’s growing arts and entertainment district next to the historic Granada Theatre. Over 200 handmade gourmet chocolates, as well as other confections, are made daily at the Sweet Granada. Customers not only enjoy the chocolates, but the shop is a fun destination complementing the beautiful Spanish Revival architecture of the theatre.

The business is certainly a family affair. In November 2004, the mother-daughter team of Toni Bowling and Kim Redeker opened The Sweet Granada at its original location in the Granada Theatre south storefront. Toni’s son, Steve, helped design the shop. Toni’s husband, Steve, could be found dipping white chocolate doggie treats. And, Kim’s husband, Steve (yes, that’s right – they are all named Steve) is the official Sweet Granada bookkeeper. Kim and Steve’s children, Emmy and Joe, have grown up in the business and continue to do their share, especially during school breaks. The rest of the family members may just have the best job of all – official test tester!

In October 2013, The Sweet Granada moved to its new Home Sweet Home right next door where customers enjoy watching the production team at work while browsing the retail shop for all their favorite confections. To order your own sweet treats or to learn more visit: Sweet Granada on Facebook and Twitter!