What started as a vintage retail shop has bloomed into a full on community gathering place to celebrate each other, enjoy delicious food and great conversation over a cup of joe. I had the chance to meet the family behind a local favorite in Andover, The Rusted Rooster and I fell in love!

From the moment you park and approach the building the rustic chic décor and feel of the space welcome you with a hug. Once you enter you feel like you’ve come home. You are greeted with a smile and a wave and you may likely know a patron enjoying the comfy cozy space while chatting with neighbors over a delicious latte.

When spending time at The Rusted Rooster you have the opportunity to dine in and let me tell you the food is delicious! The house favorite is the biscuits and gravy but everything we sampled was definitely worthy of ordering next time we’re in. With the recent growth the Hackney bunch as added in a full coffee menu complete with just about any latte expresso or mocha you can think up. The breakfast lunch and coffees are all delicious and can be enjoyed on the patio or inside where the space welcomes you to stay a while with coaches and fun games to enjoy with your friends.

I had such a great time meeting Lissa and her family, I highly recommend stopping in to The Rusted Rooster! Tell them I sent ya! For more information follow them on Facebook or Tik Tok.