We have the oppurutnity to see soem pretty cool backyards and outdoor living spaces when we hang out with Dave from Treescapes, this one may take the cake for being the most interesting design yet.

The pool is a beautiful shape and sits up high so when you are swimming floating or just relaxing poolside you get to take in the beautiful view of the lake. The kitchen and outdoor space are three levels, each one with unique features and custom elements that make this outdoor living space simply amazing. The bottom level faces the lake and has a fire pit to enjoy. The middle level has a complete kitchen and bar and the top level has a tv sitting area and backs up to the mini-golf course.

The pool has many entrances and even a baha shelf where you can anchor a lounge chair to enjoy the sun from the pool. There is also a cabana and area for sunbathing. This is a great example of a custom design. If you are interested in learning more about the design process or the potential for a new outdoor living space, reach out directly on the Treescapes Facebook Page.