Who else is ready for fall? Whether it be the crisp weather, the spooky season fun or, of course the beautiful fall home decor everyone seems to be ready for fall these days!

If that is the case swing by Uniquties in Old Town to get your fall fix. Robyn has the store beautifully arranged and stocked full of fall goodies. To start off the spooky season items are plentiful and range from pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns to beautifully handmade refurbished tins and cans turned into fun spooky yard decor.

If you are getting the indoors ready for fall gatherings you can find inspiration and items to warm up your living rooms and welcome guests with smells of pumpkin spice and items that are sure to make you feel the crisp fall feels.

Visit Uniquities on Facebook for more information and a sneak peek into the current inventory!