Paul Guerrero Genreal Manager of The Candle Club joined us in the Good Day Kansas Kitchen today to show off a little taste of the dining experience at The Candle Club.

We started with the Armenian Lavash. The dish is a favorite of The Candle Club patrons and can be customized to any taste and preference. We started with the cracker and a thin layer of cheese. The onions, spinach, and mushrooms were sauteed prior to being placed on top of the cheese. Next, we put it into the oven to bake. You can substitute any type of protein or vegetable which makes this dish so popular.

While it was baking Paul shared a favorite drink to pair with the Lavash or any other meal while hanging out at The Candle Club. The Tumbleweed was first created at The Candle Club. It is basically an adult milkshake with a vanilla ice cream base and a touch of some unique liquors.

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