You may have tried your hand at throwing together a fruit pizza before, I know I have, but after meeting Michelle from Honey & Rue’s Fruits Pizzeria you’ll see why you should leave it to the pros!

Michelle joined us to share more about the delicious pizzas she offers and walked us through the steps to assemble one of her favorite pizza pies. She shared that the starting place is the dough or the crust. Today we used a sugar cookie crust, but chocolate chip cookie crusts are also very popular. Up next is the delicious frosting, today Michelle used vanilla, but if you are a chocolate lover you can always substitute that for choclate frosting. The fruit of choice today included strawberries, grapes, and kiwis, and the fruit flower center design is made up of strawberries!

Michelle is an expert and has had a ton of fun creating custom fruit pizzas of all sizes and even gets creative with some seasonal designs as well. Check out the sizes and shapes available on the Honey & Rue’s Facebook Page.