The #GDK kitchen will be a popular place this afternoon after Sam Montero joined the show to share one of her favorite Cuban recipes, Ropa Vieja. If Sam looks familiar it’s because she is part of the KSN News and Telemundo teams and can also be seen as Emcee of the Tumba Vaca games at Riverfront Stadium.

Growing up in a Cuban-American household Sam developed a passion for cooking after spending many days cooking alongside her Grandmother. Sam shared her favorite recipe today, but you can find a long list of recipes and tutorials on how to recreate Cuban-inspired dishes on her youtube channel, Samazing Travels, under the Cooking Cuban tab.

To get started the ingredients needed are:

skirt steak

beef bullion tablets

beef stock

tomato paste

sofrito – can be substituted by: sauteed onions, garlic, tomatoes, red and green pepper

Tools include a pressure cooker, a deep pan, knives, a cutting board, and forks to shred the beef. Follow along as she shared the step-by-step process to make this delicious dish!

As you can imagine this dish is full of flavor and was quite filling, as well. You can add rice to this dish if preferred or pair it with bread. As Sam mentioned this recipe yields enough for a family! Before you finish cooking invite your friends and family over to enjoy this delicious Cuban meal! Find this recipe and many more on the You Tube Channel, SamazingTravels