Take a walk through the history of America’s favorite pastime at the Wichita Baseball Museum located inside Riverfront Stadium. Enter from the concourse and pass through a vintage turnstile, an original from beloved Lawerence Dumont Stadium.

Walk through the museum to learn about the history and evolution of baseball in Wichita, see memorabilia depicting the excitement of some of the game’s biggest heroes, and take in stories of pivotal teams, historical situations, and athletes of the Negro Leagues. Inside the museum, you can also pay homage to the historic National Baseball Congress and spend time learning about the unique tournament that has taken place in Wichita for years.

The museum boasts numerous photos and some fun interactive games where you can test your skills at the shortstop position or even play baseball trivia. Browse the giant iPad for countless games for you and your friends.

The museum is open to the public and is free to enjoy. Learn more and plan your trip to learn about baseball in Wichita, including the evolution of the Wichita Wind Surge by visiting windsurge.com