WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A local boxing coach is teaching the younger generation to get their mind right now to help them with obstacles in the future.

Inside the ring at CDH boxing gym, hands deliver a fast one-two punch.

“It’s not about credit. It’s about planting that seed,” said CHD founder Tracey Mason.

He’s teaching an exercise with long-lasting lessons.

“Condition, heart, discipline and in the middle is heart,” said Mason, explaining the meaning behind the letters in the title.

This gym has a history.

“We started off in a garage; my daughter and her husband let me start CHD there,” said Mason.

“It was mostly my grandson and nephews and their friends, but it still let me push that narrative of coaching”

His purpose is to give back to the youth, which he credits to get him into his own gym in 2018. Over the past four years, Mason has continued growing.

“It hasn’t been leaps and bounds quick, fast, and in a hurry; I started off with one bag and some mitts,” said Mason.

He says he has not gotten to where he is today without help.

“Some of the equipment I have. A lot of people saw what I was doing on Facebook, and they asked if needed, and I was like yea, so all the things are donations from people who saw I was doing the right thing,” Mason said.

He calls boxing a release. A past of imperfections is creating a message that the youth can apply to their future.

“It hurts me when I look back on my past, and I didn’t capitalize on some of my talents, so when I engage with youth, I don’t want them to be hurt like I was hurt,” said Mason. “I don’t want them to carry that mental barrier that’s stopping them from excelling in their purpose.”

He establishes a sturdy Connection through communication.

“I have three. I call two senators and one madam president. If I keep telling them that, it will plant the seed in their minds and hear,” said Mason.

Earning trust with the youth takes patients.

“Patience and for myself, it’s a journey, a marathon, and it’s not going to be solved today,” Mason added.

It’s a lesson he’s willing to fight for.