WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Webster’s dictionary simply defines a barbershop as a “barber’s place of business.”

For 27 years, Franklins Barber Shop located a 140 N. Hillside has strived to be more than the average business.

It’s not just the haircuts that keep people walking through the doors. It’s the connection between barbers and their ties, with each customer offering a cut above the rest.

Each haircut tells a story, and owner Troy Franklin has authored many.

Franklins Barber Shop (KSN Photo)

“1994 is when I graduated from barber school,” said Franklin.

“I found a place and bought some equipment, and here we are 27 years later.”            

He says his shop is a family-oriented business, running today, much like it did when it started.

“We still stick with the old school. We have no profanity and no coming in smelling like drugs,” Franklin said.

It’s less of a challenge to keep the same rules when you’ve kept the same people by your side year after year, as two of his fellow barbers.

“Gino, him and I graduated high school together, and he’s been here 27 years, so he’s a little brother to me, and Lawrence has been here 20 years,” said Franklin.

Troy Franklin cuts hair next to a fellow barber who has worked with him for 20 years.

Jokes and laughter throughout the shop paints the clear picture customers know each other as much as the barbers.

Troy knows his purpose.

“I’m meant to be a barber,” said Franklin.

His mission today is to usher in the next generation.

“Got to do it for the young people,” said Franklin.

He’s giving back to the place which has been so giving to him.

Franklin said, “Community means everything and that what’s kept us going through this pandemic, and we are still going strong.”

“We have eight barbers, and everybody is doing great.”

Troy is also a retired firefighter, and he spent 31 years with the Wichita Fire Department.

While cutting hair, he is also recruiting future firefighters.

He says his message encourages people to have a goal and work toward it.