WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – For nearly two decades, a little burger shop in Wichita has served up traditional American food. 

Customers say the good people cooking at Sport Burger is keeping them coming back. It’s a small yellow building, sitting at 134 N. Hillside, shining just as bright on the outside as on the inside.

Sport Burger is located at 134 N. Hillside in Wichita. (KSN Photo)

“We’re not just a married couple, but we’re a team,” said owner Ronnie Williams.

He and his wife Connie Williams make up the dynamic duo serving up lunch daily to Wichitans.

“There are major chains that way and other family businesses that way, and for some reason, people say, ‘I’m going to try them today,’” Connie said.

Running a restaurant was not the original plan the couple had for themselves. They started the business without a choice.

“Necessity, really,” Connie said. “Ron got laid off, and we needed a source of income. We had three children.”

She turned to what came naturally.

“I knew how to take care of people and how to cook. You got to work to eat,” Connie said.

They don’t have a set recipe for their success, but they do rely heavily on their faith and love for each other. A key ingredient contributing to their longevity is their faith.

Connie Williams cooks up burgers for customers. (KSN Photo)

“The good Lord and God, we trust and depend on him. We do the best we can, and we try to do all the right things and treat our customers well,“ Ronnie said.

“We love them, and they love us.”

“The biggest joy is working with Ronnie and being around him. He’s like my best friend,” Connie said.

Ronnie and Connie have the same routine Tuesday thru Saturday. They open at 11 in the late morning serve until the food is gone.

“I just can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s just fun, and I think people appreciate us. We are a part of the community,” Ronnie said.  

That’s enough to keep them repeating this daily routine.

Ronnie and Connie have the same routine Tuesday thru Saturday. They open at 11 serve until the food is gone.

Connie also mentioned how they are fast food, but there is nothing fast about them. She said people will come and wait, and she calls that a blessing.

KSN News will be visiting other Black-owned businesses as we honor Black History Month in Kansas. Contact Eddie if you have a story to share. Visit Wichita has compiled a list of Black-owned businesses in the area to check out.