WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – During this month’s Hispanic Heritage, we are highlighting the people and businesses that influence our Kansas community. We kick off the month with one of Wichita’s first Hispanic professional baseball influencers.

The dream of working in sports started at a young age for Alvin García and became a reality once he attended college. His first thought was to become a civil engineer, but he was not a fan of all its aspects.

“I didn’t like the whole calculations stuff and everything,” added García.

So, he took a media design class that changed his perspective.

“As a college student, you’re always second guessing yourself,” said García.

After several long nights of lots of thinking and going back and forth, García decided to switch career paths. During his college years, García faced some hardships but also said he was blessed with opportunities.

He was able to work as an intern for the Sun Bowl, a college football game that has been played since 1953 in El Paso, Texas. He was then given the opportunity to start his career there.

“The next year, they brought me back as a part-timer because of all the hard work that I did,” García said.

A couple of years later, García worked in several different cities with multiple organizations. One of those was the professional Triple-A baseball team in El Paso, Texas, the ‘El Paso Chihuahuas.’

In 2021, the Wichita Wind Surge brought García to Wichita, hoping to expand their fan base. García became an elite member.

“From the players to the trainers and the coaches, they are all really excited to have representation out there,” García said.

Garcia now heads the ‘Copa de Diversion,’ a baseball initiative to educate and celebrate Hispanic and Latin culture in the ICT.

“Everybody, not just from the Hispanic community, but everybody is embracing it. We are seeing more people wear the Tumba Vacas in normal Wind Surge games, which is pretty cool,” García said.

The next goal for García is to continue to be involved in the Hispanic and Latino community in Wichita but ultimately would like to influence the minority community.

“Inspire a lot of youth Hispanic or Latinx that aren’t that good in sports, or they don’t know if they are going to make it to be professional. I mean, you can always work in sports and behind the scenes as well,” García said.

Although ‘Copa de Diversión’ was a huge success this year. García hopes to add some new elements to the Tumba Vacas de Wichita for the next season, like adding some extra color to the uniforms.