Realtors say it’s all about location. That’s something that is paying off for Santa, according to the online real estate marketplace Zillow.

The company is giving believers a sneak peek into the “winter lover’s paradise” where all of Santa’s Christmas magic occurs.

The real estate listing shows that the 2,500 square foot home belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Claus was built in 1822 and sits on 25-acres of land. The property includes the main home, a community of tiny homes for all of his elves, a state-of-the-art toy facility, and a garage that’s large enough to house a sleigh. Stables that board eight reindeer, plus an extra stall for Rudolph, are also included on the property.

The Claus family last renovated the home in 2013, bringing many modern-day amenities. Features include a floor-to-ceiling fireplace made of river rock, a gourmet kitchen with an oven with 12 cookie settings, and hot cocoa on tap.

The listing says boughs of holly deck the hall leading to the primary bedroom and two charming guest rooms.

As for the tiny home community on the property, Zillow said no two tiny homes are alike. If you like a good dinner party, the listing suggests you’ll need to RSVP to get a seat at the table in the tiny farmhouse, but you can enjoy a crackling fire while you wait.

It also looks like Santa made a good decision when he bought the property and moved into it. Zillow’s history on the property shows its value has more than tripled over the past eight years.