WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The owner of Brown’s Plumbing says if your home hasn’t had a problem with frozen pipes in the past, you probably won’t see it this year.

Chris Brown says when the temperatures drop like this, it primarily affects houses that aren’t airtight, have a crawl space or exposed plumbing.

Brown says to make sure you unhook your hoses, and if you have a home susceptible to frozen pipes, leave your water dripping. Keep in mind that hot water freezes quicker.

If your pipes have frozen before, he says to do a little more than last time.

At Brown’s Plumbing, Brown says the majority of their jobs are due to a crawl space, so if you have one, do whatever you can to open it up to get warm air in it.

Normally this is their slowest time of year, but with temperatures this extreme come, the days fill up.

Also, open up your cabinets because warm air movement is key.

If your home is susceptible to freezing, the most proactive thing people get your home prepared for this in the summertime by getting heat tape and improved insulation.

If you are leaving town for the holidays, Brown says to turn your water off if it is a ball valve or lever-type handle and open your faucets up. But, be wary of a gate valve on an older home.

“What makes water lines freeze and rupture is the pressure inside them, and the water cannot escape,” Brown said. “So turn the water off, open your faucets, and enjoy your vacation.”