GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Wheatland Electric has set a new donation record for their annual “Cram the Van” event.

This event aims to help local food banks throughout central and southwest Kansas during the holiday seasons and make sure that no one goes hungry during the holidays.

Wheatland Electric held 13 in-person donation events through September and October and coordinated donation competitions in six school districts, where students who donated the most at their schools could win a cash prize.

This year was the best year to date for “Cram the Van,” with nearly 45,000 lbs. of food being donated to help those who need it. “Cram the Van” started in 2014 and has donated over 125,000 lbs. of food to local food banks throughout central and southwest Kansas.

“This is a passion really of ours,” said Allie Connie, Manager of Member Services & Corporate Communications at Wheatland Electric.

“Every year, those local food banks, they rely on the donations that we bring to them. When I call them at the beginning of November, they are anxiously awaiting the delivery.”

“I think that myself and every one of my team members and all of the employees of Wheatland Electric understands the importance of Cram The Van, and our goal really is to collect more food each year.”

So far, Wheatland Electric has done well on their goal to donate more every year they’ve run “Cram the Van,” and they hope in future years to include more local businesses and school districts in the event to garner even more donations.