WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Wichita Police Department (WPD) held its annual Holiday Feast Sunday afternoon.

Community members and officers from the department selected families in the community to participate in the event.

“They were selected not because they asked, but because we as concerned officers and community members felt they could benefit from this endeavor,” the WPD said.

WPD Sergeant Kenneth Kimble and Shawn Brand with Wichita Dent Company designed the Holiday Feast to add some enjoyment to the lives of those who, at times, find it difficult to provide for their families, according to the WPD.

“In this situation, we get a lot of things that people actually need, they’re not trying to be greedy or anything, but they just, there are stuff that they don’t have,” said Sgt. Kimble. “And I have a girl coming here today that didn’t even have a coat, and so with the weather getting bad, that was our number one priority was to hurry up and get this girl a coat. So we try to get things put together so they can have a good holiday season.”

The WPD says they recognize this and surprised the families with the following:

  • Families will be picked up and taken to Pig In Pig Out Barbecue
  • A surprise appearance from Santa Clause
  • Gifts, purchased by officers and community members
  • Meals provided for them to take home, courtesy of Dereck Cochran with Pig In Pig Out
  • A wonderful time interacting with the brave and caring members of the Wichita Police Department
  • Most of all, a chance to enjoy the Christmas Season with so many who care

Sgt. Kimble says families were also surprised by a special appearance from Santa Claus.