Ashonti Ford

Ashonti Ford

KSN News Reporter

Ashonti is a California native and San Francisco Gator Alumni. She started her path in journalism back in 2008 with an internship at KGO-ABC in San Francisco. From there she moved to Miami to accept an internship with CBS’s investigative unit where she worked on the Trayvon Martin vrs. Zimmerman Case. Ashonti’s first job in television was with the local PBS station in Miami where she helped broadcast the importance of public television.

After 3 years in Miami, Ashonti decided to move to LA to expand her network. Here she had the opportunity to work with Oxygen and DASH Radio, further enhancing her diversity in broadcast. Missing the newsroom action and in need of creating a new reel, Ashonti re-enrolled in school to become eligible for an internship with KMIR in Palm Springs. After a year she accepted her first reporting job with WMDT in Maryland. Here Ashonti got her first taste of local news reporting.

In January of 2017 Ashonti joined the KSN News team where she has quickly become acclimated. Smoothly transitioning into the community, Ashonti is a member of the African American Museum Board as well as a Big through the Big Brother Big Sister organization. Outside of work you can find her at the gym or binge watching the latest Netflix sensation.

Photo by Cynthia Whiteside Photography

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