HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) – The 4.4 magnitude earthquake that was reported on Sunday has now been upgraded to a 4.5 magnitude. The U.S. Geological Survey said a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck about 2 miles southwest of Hutchinson shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday.

One Hutchinson woman says the rumble broke off pieces of her chimney.

“It kind of rolled almost all the way to the end of the roof,” said Stephanie Kerschner as she pointed out the damage.

Courtesy USGS

Bricks are now sitting on the edge of her roof, and some even made their way to her neighbor’s driveway.

“They’re heavy. I’m sure it could have hurt somebody or damaged the vehicle, you know if it would’ve landed on their cars. It’s just scary to think the chimney was coming down,” said Kerschner.

The earthquake was felt across much of Kansas.

“I felt a lot of rumbling, felt the house shaking, curtains on the shower were shaking, things actually fell off our counter on the sink,” said Chad Seidel.

“I was just terrified! I was like okay. Well, it’s my time,” said Makayla Kaiser.

Courtesy: Patrick Carr

Some viewers sent photos of broken picture frames, knocked over games, and even some new cracks.

While the earthquake wasn’t a first for Kansas, some are saying this one was different.

“It shook the whole house, and it was really loud, and it lasted longer than normal,” said Kerschner.

“Those other ones were just shorts and just kind of questionable like man what was that? What was that? And then this one really hit home like man it really can happen,” said Seidel.

According to U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma was also shaken up by two separate 2.4 magnitude earthquakes.

If you felt the earthquake, you can report it by clicking here.