WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — On Saturday, 11-year-old Nathan Veith returned home after he was hit by a car when crossing the road at Red Barn and Central back in September.

Nathan’s parents said his recovery is a miracle.

Back in September, KSN News spoke with Nathan’s dad, Matt Veith, right after the crash.

They were not sure how quickly Nathan would recover but said these past few months. He improves every day.

“Awesome!,” said Nathan.

That is how he is feeling now that he is home.

Nathan suffered a brain injury and multiple skull fractures after being hit by a car and thrown in the air when riding his bike to school in September.

“Such a strong kid and such a fighter that he just has taken off,” said Nathan’s mom, Angela Veith.

Nathan was medically sedated and spent three weeks in the ICU.

Just two weeks after the crash, he started physical therapy.

“The plan was only to sit him at the edge of the bed, and he decided I want to stand,” said Angela.

From there, he was transferred to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nathan’s parents said it wasn’t easy.

They split their time caring for their five other kids in Wichita while Nathan entered intense therapy.

“We face timed every single night while we were at Madonna. We would say our family prayer together and say goodnight to each other,” said Angela.

Nathan worked his way up to play soccer and baseball again but also continued his school work.

His family said this would not have been possible without all the community support, from people starting meal trains to others raising funds.

“The day of the accident, someone put together a rosary at church just to say in his name, and 400 people showed up,” said Matt.

“This really reinforces that idea of you can’t ever take any day for granted because it was just a normal day,” said Angela.

Nathan is excited to be home but also ready to get back to school.

He will be home for the holidays and then begin an outpatient program in Kansas City. Nathan and his mom will spend a few days at a time there, where he will undergo more therapy to help his cognitive skills and speech.

They are unsure how much longer he will be in therapy, but it will be at least several weeks to help Nathan fully recover.