WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Hemp harvest two is not far away for one indoor grower in Butler County.

“We are hoping for a big spring 2020,” said Sarah Stephens with Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis. “This is a clone generation from our first plants. We cloned them. We are keeping them under vegetative light. We are taking clones off these, and they are not in a bloom cycle.”

The first crop was good. The second will be larger. Tallgrass Hemp is cloning enough to fill a greenhouse in the spring or maybe an entire outdoor field.

“The tide has already tipped on public perception. We’re just proud to be a part of it,” said Stephens. “We love being a part of it. We are advocates for the plant and its uses in society and we just love being involved.”

Sarah says they will get a new license for next year. But for now, they are prepping for the next harvest by getting plants to grow. They are also in a mode now where they are ready to sell plants.

Sarah’s brother and business partner say some people grow from seed while others prefer to buy healthy plants.

“We will actually when it gets colder we will actually be blowing air in from there to warm this room as well so everything stays nice and toasty,” said Michael Stephens.

Michael and Sarah have two rooms now filled with plants. They are working out the best lighting as well.

“Some people want them this big. Some people want them smaller as smaller clones. Some people are actually buying just the clippings,” said Sarah. “We want to sell clones over the winter, and we really want to be geared up for the spring.”