WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you have driven by the old Lawrence-Dumont Stadium you’ll see the beginnings of the new one.

“We have had so much activity in the trailer this week,” says President Jay Miller. “You are going to start to see concrete go in, along with the steel. It is taking shape into a ball park.”

It’s the first signs of where fans will be sitting for the game. The most visible part of the stadium is the club seating area which towers over the third baseline. This is high end seating where fans will enjoy exclusive amenities, and we now know what that will cost them.

“The season ticket is $3,000 and that is for all 70 games,” Miller says.

Those seats, individually, average out to about $45. Miller expects all other fans to be happy with ticket prices. Regular season ticket packages are going for $980.

“Which breaks out to right at about $14 a ticket and our tickets are going to range anywhere from $7 to $15,” Miller explains.

“It is probably a little higher than it used to be, but I think with the new stadium that is to be expected,” says Pete Krsnich, pitch team coach.

The Yankees and Cardinals coach pitch teams playing on the Blessed Sacrament baseball field are both in the middle of their seasons. But when it is over and the real professional baseball team comes to town, they will be willing to step down to Triple-A. Their parents and coaches think the ticket prices are a steal.

“I love that,” says Coach Krsnich.

“I think it is a great price. It is very affordable as a dad of three little boys,” says John Hattrup. “That is something that we can do and go enjoy the game and support the new team in town.”

President Jay Miller says no individual game ticket will be above $15. He says they have sold more than 300 season ticket packages so far. Between now and next March, Miller expects more information on how to get tickets to be released.