WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden just wrapped up a visit to Vietnam, where he touted a stronger relationship with the country. This comes as international leaders grow increasingly concerned about China’s power and influence. 

On Monday, Biden put a spotlight on building business connections between the U.S. and Vietnam. 

“Our partnership is about so much more than innovation and investments. It’s about people,” Biden said. 

He laid out plans for the countries to work together on technological production and development. 

“We’re strengthening our supply chains, including through a new semiconductor memorandum of cooperation that we signed today,” Biden said. 

The trip is part of the Biden administration’s larger effort to build ties with Asian countries. 

They hope that will bring stability to the Indo-Pacific region even as China tries to expand its influence. But the president insists he doesn’t want tensions to rise. 

“We’re not looking to hurt China, sincerely, we are all better off if China does well,” Biden said. 

The State Department says it is working on diplomatic engagement with China as well. Both the President and the Secretary of State are planning to meet with their Chinese counterparts before the end of this year. 

“We believe there is no substitute for one-on-one conversations at the leader level, so we will continue to work towards the possibility of those meetings,” State Dept. representative Matthew Miller said. 

Before leaving Vietnam, Biden visited a memorial dedicated to the late Sen. John McCain. McCain was tortured as prisoner of war in Vietnam. 

The president paid tribute to his service and pointed to improved relations with Vietnam since the end of that conflict.