Update: This story has been updated to specify where the large cat was spotted.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Mountain lions. Bobcats. We’ve seen them before in Wichita.

A Wichita couple located near 29th Street North and Amidon believes their chickens were taken out of their coop and killed by a mountain lion early Monday.

“The roof was pulled back. The rooster was shredded,” said Tom Tucker. “She saw it in the back by the tree line at first, and we didn’t see the problem with the chickens at first.”

Tom’s wife, Marcia Williamson, saw something in the backyard early while drinking her morning coffee.

“I saw what I thought was a yellow dog,” said Williamson. “I’d never seen a bobcat, mountain lion or anything, so I went running, screaming into the house telling my husband we have a bobcat.”

After a quick Google check, she found it wasn’t a bobcat.

Tom went out to look and saw it.

“And then just walked into the back tree line,” said Tom.

Matt Peek with Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism said they are waiting to get a look at the animal prints left in the backyard. Peek says the Wichita Police Department’s animal control got good pictures of what is being called large animal prints.

“We have not seen those yet,” said Peek. “Our local wildlife biologist has been in contact and is trying to get those.”

Peek said prints alone could be evidence of a mountain lion in Wichita.

And, he says, Wichita has video evidence they have been here before.

“If you’ve got evidence, we’re definitely interested in seeing it,” said Peek. “It’s not that rare. I mean, we’ve documented mountain lions over 42 times since 2007 (in Kansas), so they’re not as rare as what they once were.”

Peek said video evidence is best. But they will still investigate sightings.

“We don’t have any evidence of resident mountain lions in Kansas,” said Peek. “And so everything we’ve documented up to this point have apparently been passing through.”

Meanwhile, Tom and Marcia have since put a trail camera in their backyard. And they hope to get answers as to just what they saw.

“In my estimation, it was a mountain lion,” said Tom. “I’m convinced from everything I’ve looked at and seen, yeah.”

Wildlife Parks and Tourism said it will closely examine the Wichita animal control pictures of those footprints.